Spice cropWe wanted to give you some information pertaining to Spice I and Spice II resorts.

This email just in from the managers Tracy and Dean.

‘It is with deepest regret we have to announce Spice will be closing its doors on the 12th June 2016.  

In December 2015 the freeholder of Spice 1 declined to renew our lease which expired 4th April 2016.  We negotiated an extension to 12th June and successfully identified an alternative location but were unfortunately unable to raise the funds needed within the time-frame.

We are committed to closing the business with as little collateral damage as possible but of course, there are casualties.  Some of you were looking forward to holidays, the team have lost their jobs and Europe loses its touch of Spice.  

Until then, our doors are open and we, together with our dedicated staff are here to assist the best we can.  

If you have a reservation after 12th June, 2016 you will hear from us personally via email within the next 48-hours.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, we assure you of our best intentions.

Yours faithfully

Tracy & Dean’