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Adults only resorts are a fantastic way to reconnect with your partner and get as far away from reality as possible. Imagine, white, sandy beaches, cool, crisp, azul waters, the gently breeze caressing your body and can you hear that? That’s right, you hear no children. Sounds heavenly.

These adult only resorts add a sexy twist, so not only do you get that much needed time together, you also share it with other couples doing exactly the same, celebrating life, freedom and passion.

This is where you are essentially free to do whatever you want, yes, whatever, whenever you want. Let your imagination (and your hands) run free and conjure up some of the most sexiest fantasies you want to live out.

Desire Resorts are world leaders in this concept of adult vacation and are clothing optional as well as being all inclusive so you don’t need to constantly put your hand in your pocket. The beauty of this is that it is a couples only resort, so you will be surrounded by like-minded couples, all here to have a sexy, fun time. Both properties are in close proximity to each just south of Cancun Aeropuerto. Check out the full hotel descriptions here:

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If the clothing optional is sounding a bit daunting, a good entry point for the nervous is Temptations Resort. It has a fun, party atmosphere, is adults only and all inclusive as well. The difference being, you are allowed to go topless and singles are allowed. It’s a larger resort closer to the party zone in Cancun so if you want something a little more upbeat, look at:

Temptations Resort and Spa

Perhaps you want something a little spicier and Spice Lanzarote in Grand Canaria will certainly challenge your palate. This adults only, all inclusive, clothing optional is where you’ll find the sexiest accents from around the world. The great news is, it is moving to a larger property and custom building new areas for your pleasure. Make sure you peruse the spicy offerings at:

Spice Lanzarote Mark I

Spice Lanzarote Mark II

For something maybe a little closer to home, you’ll also find Caliente Tampa. Featuring the most incredible pools, waterfalls and landscaping, you’ll fall in love with the property, the people, and the freedom of this clothing optional resort. Although not all inclusive, Caliente is still one of the top choices for adults wanting to get away from it all.

Caliente Tampa

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